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10 Online Paid Survey Sites Help Make A Lot Of Money. Must Try! page 2

5. “Opinion World” website.

Involved in online market research, Opinion World can put your opinion on the market. After that, the idea will come to the top executives from the existing industry sector.

Registering yourself will have a chance to earn points. For every 1000 points collected, it can be exchanged for 10 US dollars. Very interesting, isn’t it?

10 Online Paid Survey Sites Help Make A Lot Of Money. Must Try! page 2

6. "PanelPlace" website.

Like any other payroll survey site, you can sign up with PanelPlace to become a respondent. Of course, you will get paid for each survey you do. Prizes from these surveys are usually in the form of credits or vouchers.

But, you can also earn money, if you exchange at least 5000 points. In addition to conducting surveys, the PanelPlace website often conducts online classes that you can take.

7. “SurveyOn” website.

SurveyOn is one of the most popular online payroll survey sites. The reason is, because it is easy to use, quick to pay, and you can deduct points for the least amount of money.

For example, by doing a 4-5 survey you can earn 2 US dollars. From the 20,000 number exchange results you can glean from these surveys.

8. “Toluna” website.

This site has a portal in Indonesian, which makes it easy to use. If you want to become a Toluna responder, you must fill in your personal data when you sign up.

After that, Toluna will choose the type of analysis that suits your criteria. And you will also get paid for completing the survey.

9. “ViewFruit” website.

The advantage of being a member of the ViewFruit site is that you can receive up to three surveys per day. The site, which has a base in China, also has an Indonesian portal.

10. “YouGov” website.

YouGov is an online payroll survey website that can be used to provide feedback, either for commercial or political purposes. In recent years, many companies and government agencies have used this site, making it very popular.

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