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9 tips for successful trading

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So, bitcoin trading: what is it, how to get started and what to look for - we propose to study 9 simple solutions.

Don't be confused by professional investment advice; instead, take this decision as a point to think about. use professional consulting services if you need advice on investing

Our job is to show novice traders and crypto investors how to start trading bitcoin, and the first steps can be clear and simple.

Solution #1. Learn All About Bitcoin

Explore what you invest in. It's easy to get euphoric, believing that the price of bitcoin could reach a million dollars per coin, or vice versa, drop to a thousand. Analysis of forecasts and what they are based on. Read more, monitor the market until you feel you are starting to feel it. Then btc market will give you what you expect.

Bitcoin is still not a legal tender, with the exception of a few countries. Governments and banks don't like bitcoin as much as their owners. So far, digital currencies are an additional asset class.

9 tips for successful trading

Bitcoin issuance is limited to 21 million coins. About 17 million have been released. The ability to trade bitcoin stocks allows you to divide this 21 million by 100 million times - in theory. It works like this: on the exchange, we most often indicate the amount we want to invest. The exchange calculates how many coins or how many bitcoins we can buy for this amount.

Solution #2. Trade on the stock exchange yourself, not through a broker

How to trade bitcoins on crypto exchanges? . Usually, those who do not have the time or experience (knowledge) to trade on their own will use the services of a trader Commissions for various brokerage services can aggregate up to 15% of revenue. The same amount or more (depending on the country) will be subject to income tax.

If you are faced with a choice, start trading bitcoins on your own exchange or through an intermediary, try it yourself. It's not that difficult. But save on broker commissions. And knowledge and experience is a profitable business.

Solution #3. Choose a reliable crypto exchange

So, you have decided that you will be able to trade bitcoins on exchanges without intermediaries.

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