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Electricity rates for crypto Miners in Russia have their own higher rates

Crypto workers will increase the cost of electricity in Russia by 2022, but will allow developers to use their experience without the supervision of energy providers, which will allow them to streamline operations for the game. That will help.

Electricity rates for crypto Miners in Russia have their own higher rates

Some worry that the government's slow cryptocurrency law will bring confusion and uncertainty to consumers and energy providers. However, according to media outlets Glas Naroda and Kommersant, the government has found a solution that will not bring about a change in the law there.

In a government decree, the government announced that it would authorize local governors to "self-determined the maximum amount of electricity to be consumed" that residents could use in their "first" homes. Anyone who exceeds this maximum size limit will be forced to pay higher tariffs, which can be adjusted by regional and energy suppliers.

This system is nothing new: it is sustainable in Crimea, and especially in its large city, Sevastopol, where the electricity consumption of low-income residents is limited to 150 kWh per month.

The Ministry of Energy understands that this step is not a way to increase energy levels and states that its sole purpose is to combat "undue use of energy".

Regions are also empowered to “create different tariffs on certain population groups”, in other words, to increase electricity rates for those energy providers refer to as crypto workers.

About how this is done, as mentioned earlier, some regions accuse the government of increasing energy use in its grid. The use of mining in Russia has no legal status, with miners, especially those working from home, receiving the same amount of electricity as a typical household.

But some energy companies and local governors want cryptocurrencies to be officially recognized as an industry or “business”, and they want ministers to pay accordingly. If they did, some governors said they would be welcome and would also assist in the effort.

Major players in the industry have agreed to participate in the Olympics, hoping the government can "legalize" mining in the process and reduce regulatory uncertainty.

So, as noted, there is some concern that the speed with which the government freezes crypto laws will place mineral and energy suppliers in a strange ambiguity in the months ahead.

But it seems that the changes that have been made in the decision may not have an immediate impact. Voronezh Governor Alexander Gassif said he wanted to "assure" people in Russia's central region that "such a change" would not happen until 2023.

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