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New variant of BMW iX 50 electric car with top electric SUVs mission

We're finally here. BMW came up with another key model in its long history. The BMW iX 50 electric car wants to be one of the top electric SUVs, and it was only a few days ago that we were able to achieve it.

Even if it's only for three hours and that's called the first touch. Even in such a short time, we are happy, because it is a very desirable model, but it is not yet available in sufficient quantities to meet demand. I am not in any respect shocked that there's such a lot interest within the BMW iX. After many years, they came up with another electric car, which was built from the ground up on an electric platform. And it really feels.

The final car with a totally electric powered platform from BMW workshops is the wildly famous i3-jka. Electric cars are always memorized by many people with their unique designs. At the time, the i3 was a great car. It has combined modern technology with electric drive and brings the leading advantages that cannot be separated from vehicles with internal combustion engines.Engineers and architects have created wonderful robots, because of that numerous nevertheless pick out the BMW i3 due to the fact the entranceway to the globe of electromobility.

New variant of BMW iX 50 electric car with top electric SUVs mission

Car manufacturers are gradually bringing newer versions with various changes and bigger batteries, but the new electric car is still not coming. Earlier this year, the BMW iX3 began to travel, which is happy to expand the German brand's electric car offering. On the other hand, it's a redesigned X3, so the original electric hasn't appeared yet. However, that all changed in these weeks and months, as a key model similar to the ever-present i3 - the fully electric BMW iX - gradually appeared on the road.

To be honest, after sitting behind the wheel, a lot of feelings mixed in me, but everything became simple - finally! The fact that this is a new electric platform is seen and felt in every detail. The BMW iX is huge on the outside as well as spacious on the inside.

If I omit all those premium details, somewhere underneath I feel the i3-jku on steroids is a big boost. There really are a lot of tech, design or software changes here and three hours just wasn't enough for me to be able to handle it even briefly.

So it will be similar in this article and I will take a closer look at all the others in the full weekly test. When you look at the BMW iX, you'll probably be attracted by the first mask radiator. It is very specific and follows BMW's current direction.

This is a signature that should be here in this case, but at the same time criticized by some. I admit it's something else and maybe too bold, but it doesn't bother me. Design is always a very subjective thing and the BMW iX looks different to me, but not a negative at all.

Since this is a tough SUV with a length of more than 4.9 meters and a dimension of virtually a pair of meters, it ought to hook up with the road with similar massive wheels. The version we tested had 21-inch alloy wheels with an aerodynamic design.  It' a true "cylinder" that doesn't profit consumption, however we are able to still live terribly solid results. The wheelbase is precisely three meters, which withinside the complete spectrum of dimensions efficaciously suggests that there's sufficient area withinside the interior.

Overall, it is very well designed. Among other things, it looks really futuristic and modern. In contrast to the large radiator, the headlights extend all the way to the rear, but together form a distinctive face.

BMW, like other automakers, focuses on a clean path to achieve the lowest possible air resistance and the best consumption. Here, too, you will find a hidden handle on the door, but with a cutout. Therefore, the door opens pretty normally, does now no longer slide out or move.

I'll start with the trunk, where the space is 500 liters, after folding the seats you get exactly 1750 liters. Let me add that while this is a fully electric platform, the trunk at the front is sadly missing here. The BMW iX managed to tow an unbraked trailer weighing 750 kg and braked with a weight of up to 2.5 tons. The biggest shows, of course, happen in the car. The interior of the BMW iX is perhaps best compared to the living room. Inside, you feel right at home at all times with a high level of comfort, craftsmanship and space.

All you have to do is open the door and the details roll in from every side. There is quality lining with soft material everywhere. The version we tested had an interior in the Loft Stone Gray style, which was made up of very comfortable fabrics. I can't define it exactly, but I will compare it to sanded leather.

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