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5 ways to make money on Amazon

5 ways to make money on Amazon

Timewp.com-  There are people who want to earn extra money in addition to working full time. And so, you can use sites like eBay, Amazon or others to make money. Below is an explanation of how to make money on Amazon.

1. Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

    If you have a website, blog, or discussion group, you have the opportunity to join the Amazon Associates program and earn money by referring visitors to Amazon products. Depending on the product, you will earn between 4% and 10% of the clicks on qualified sales. The trick is that Amazon will provide a unique referral URL that you can post on your website or blog. Then, when someone clicks on your URL, their referral will be tracked and you will be paid if it results in a purchase.

2. Sell handmade items on Amazon.

    Amazon recently launched Amazon Handmade, a service that allows you to sell handmade products to Amazon's audience. Now, with a 12% commission, you sell your crafts like jewelry, home products (art, bedding, bathroom accessories, linens, furniture, home decor, kitchen, garden, etc.). . Hoping to compete with Etsy, Amazon Handmade gives artisans the opportunity to find a large potential buyer at a reasonable price. If productivity makes you think twice, don't worry because you can set a build time of up to 30 days.

3. Publish an eBook

    By signing up for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, your e-book can be published on the Kindle platform in five minutes and appear on the global Kindle store within 48 hours. You can now publish a book or guide online and earn up to 70% commission on sales. In addition, you can fully control your publishing rights and set your own prices. Amazon will even help you format your eBook to optimize it for Kindle users.

4. Become a third party vendor

    If you shop on Amazon regularly, you may have noticed that most of the items sold on Amazon are sold directly by Amazon. However, there are also some items that are actually sold by third-party sellers. If you have a niche product to sell, or maybe you're an artist and have artwork, you can become a third-party seller on Amazon.

5. Sell your content first

    Another quick way to make money on Amazon is to sell original content such as DVDs, books, MP3s, CDs and videos downloaded directly from their website. This can be done through CreateSpace, an Amazon company, and you will be paid a royalty every time your product is sold on Amazon's platform.

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