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how to make easy games at Yoyogames.com

If you can make games, plan carefully and teamwork is really needed, if you can, just accept orders from people who want to make games. The average price of a game that is made depends on the difficulty/difficulty at the time of making, even making a game takes a long time, and of course when the game is finished, the price of the game can be up to 1000 dollars more.

How to make a game First, download the free version of Games Maker from Yoyogames.com then install it on your PC. This application is quite easy to use for beginners. The features are not bad, if you want something more complete, there is the Pro version, but the price is quite expensive. So while we use the free ones first.


how to make easy games at Yoyogames.com

Once installed, open the app and let's create a new puck. Then we create the character, name it"char1". You can also make characters by drawing on paper and then checking it up to put it on your PC. 

  • To Create an Object, click the blue ball in the top toolbar. Give it the same name" char1"

  • Create a Room and insert objects. In the new room tab object, select char1 and click the main room to add it.

  • Select Movement, add movement for the character.

  • Press the add button and select "arrow keys" (For more details, please see the picture and understand).

  • To add movement, go to the move tab and select "Jump to Position"

  • Repeat the steps above for the other direction, down, right, left.

  • Click Play to see the movement that was made earlier. Try using the directional keys on the keyboard.

How's it buddy? It doesn't sound good, but this is for beginners. So it's normal if it's not as good as the professional ones. Try to keep being creative, here are some tips on how to make games for beginners.

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